It's not who you know, it's how many you can connect

With today's digital tools, harnessing the power of the network effect can yield more reach and value.

Wakanda forever!

Apr 3, 2018

How Black Panther is redefining African leadership.

Decolonising data: Navigating Africa through the unknown

Mar 20, 2018

Modern-day explorers need to invest in customer analytics, inclusive data policies and local innovation challenges.

Customer experience grows up

Mar 7, 2018

Companies must move beyond the idea that personalised content is enough, as personalised experiences offer so much more.

How to beat mobile app fatigue

Feb 23, 2018

There is pretty much an app for everything. What can you do to make yours stand out?

Love, compassion and other lessons from WEF 2018

Feb 7, 2018

With a well-timed focus on "creating a shared future in a fractured world", WEF 2018 also addressed the cyber-powered elephant in the room.

From Clippy to Cortana: The human face of AI

Jan 23, 2018

While it's unclear if we are heading to a robot uprising or an artificial intelligence uplifting, we need to start thinking purpose-driven AI.

Becoming one with the machines

Dec 6, 2017

Ask not what tech can do for you, but what you and tech can do together for people - that's the advice of TransUnion CEO Lee Naik.

A post-mortem of Blade Runner 2049

Nov 22, 2017

What your desire to watch (or not to watch) the Blade Runner sequel can teach you about keeping your business relevant.

African innovation hubs, the next weekend hangouts

Oct 25, 2017

TransUnion CEO Lee Naik discusses the eclipse of corporate innovation models in favour of the disruptive "Grand Geek" approach.

Co-existence always beats stagnation

Oct 13, 2017

TransUnion CEO Lee Naik discusses a more effective approach to harnessing technology for 'the suits' of the finance industry.

Digital recruitment tricks you need to know

Sep 27, 2017

It's time to have that awkward conversation with HR and recruitment, writes TransUnion Africa CEO Lee Naik.