Oct 11, 2018

Knowledge is power in customer service

Enabling contact centre staff to be more efficient and motivated enhances customer experience and helps retain and attract employees.

Dec 7, 2016

Learn and earn

Technology can help break the stranglehold of the South African skills crisis.

Aug 30, 2007

PM training essential

People who teach themselves how to use a product will only learn as much as is necessary to survive, says Dennin Smith, training manager at Fulcrum Business Solutions.

Apr 6, 2004

Upgrading IT skills for success

Basic computer knowledge is not enough for a career in IT, says Marinus van Sandwyk, chairman of Luso Computer Institute.

May 9, 2003

Middle-aged whites must leverage skills

Middle-aged whites need to find ways of leveraging their skills to compete in today`s marketplace, says Org Geldenhuys, director at Abacus Recruitment.

Mar 2, 2001

The egg-ideal in training

The egg, one of the most perfect protein sources, is a good analogy for training, an issue that is becoming ever more pivotal to companies` competitive-edge.

Dec 7, 2000

Experience paves the way

Training companies are tempting school-leavers with promises of a quick MCSE qualification and huge entry-level salaries, but these bright young things will soon discover that there is no substitute for experience.

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