Document Management

Using document management to cut business costs

Xerox has assembled this list of four top ways you can cut your business costs today through better document management, says Allison Zimmer, Channel and SMB Marketing Specialist, Commercial Excellence at Xerox.


The evolution of document management

The role of the MFP provider has evolved beyond the one-dimensional provision of hardware to the actual management of data, says Marc Pillay, CEO of DEVELOP SA.


The death of document management?

Is document management a thing of the past? No. But it is changing. Fast.


A constantly changing arena

Cloud and mobility are driving document management.


Getting started with document management

A US study found that only 41% of IT professionals had invested in document management, says Hennie Kruger, DDS product and marketing manager of Oce South Africa.


Value-added document management software

Companies are demanding comprehensive management and administrative control for their printing, copying and scanning operations, says Mohammed Vachiat, product manager at Konica Minolta South Africa.


The fundamentals of DMS

Document management technology provides the tools required to work smarter and increase productivity, says Mark Hiller, country general manager at Lexmark South Africa.


Document management embraces disruptive tech era

The field has moved from managing the output of documents to content management, says Andrew Griffith, product manager: office products at Konica Minolta South Africa.


The year of cautious spending

Conservative spending will have an impact on document management in 2012.


Firms need document output management

Companies can reduce costs by lowering waste, improving device deployment and enhancing supplies management, says Russel Roth, MD of Document Accounting Solutions.


Overcoming the R7bn office crisis

More than fours hours a day is spent managing documentation.


Working out the real cost of ownership

For document management to be optimised, a set of standards needs to be determined.

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