South African National Space Agency

SANSA earns global recognition

The local space agency is named one of the providers of space weather information for the aviation sector.


SA's nanosatellite ready for blast-off

South Africa's second nanosatellite will be launched into space from Russia.


Sansa under new leadership

The South African National Space Agency appoints science veteran Dr Val Munsami as its new CEO.

Apr 16, 2014

Sansa maps new satellite plans

The proposed Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems will use ground stations to provide more accurate navigation information for SA.


SA leads satellite game in Africa

Local space agency becomes a major global player.


Nanosatellite readies for blast-off

SA will launch the first nanosatellite on the continent, which will be used to monitor space weather.


Radar to monitor space weather unveiled

SANSA has introduced a digital radar that will be used to monitor space weather conditions.


Satellite data for Dinaledi schools

The South African National Space Agency makes individualised satellite data discs available to Dinaledi school learners.


SANSA unveils new antennae facility

The South African National Space Agency has opened a new In-Orbit Testing antennae facility.

Jul 15, 2013

Denel to bulk up satellite capability

The state-owned defence and aerospace company expects to reap synergies on the back of talent gained from the defunct Sunspace.


Satellite map offers govt solutions

The South African National Space Agency's latest satellite map of SA will help government address some pressing issues.


Scientific paper shows SKA capability

A recently published scientific paper shows the SKA's capability of building the Southern Hemisphere's most sensitive radio telescope.

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