Jun 29, 2020

Entersekt offers security guidance amid FBI cautions

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation warns that cyber criminals are increasingly targeting mobile banking apps – here’s what banks can do.

May 13, 2020

US accuses China of hacking COVID-19 researchers

The FBI warns organisations researching COVID-19 of likely targeting and network compromise by the People’s Republic of China.

Feb 11, 2020

US charges four Chinese military members for Equifax hack

The attackers are being accused of obtaining names, birth dates and social security numbers for nearly half of all American citizens.

Aug 23, 2019

Nigerians arrested over R606m online fraud in US

The 80 accused used business e-mail compromise fraud, romance scams and schemes targeting the elderly to defraud victims out of millions of dollars.

May 3, 2019

Citrix sheds light on six-month-long hack

The company gives details of the hack which saw cyber criminals access its network for months before being discovered by the FBI.

Jun 15, 2018

Alarming increase in e-mail attacks: J2 Software

Unquestionably the insider threat is real and most cyber attacks are a result of someone who is already inside the firewall, says John Mc Loughlin, MD, J2 Software.

Jun 14, 2018

Apple undercuts popular law-enforcement tool

Apple will change iPhone default settings to cut off communication through the USB port when the phone has not been unlocked in the past hour.


US investigates now-defunct Cambridge Analytica

The probe will reportedly focus on the company's financial dealings and how it used the harvested Facebook data.

Sep 29, 2017

Nation state threats now complex: US law enforcement

A combination of criminal activity with nation states creates a super team of cyber threat activity, says the FBI.

Jul 18, 2017

Appeals court upholds gag on FBI data surveillance

A US federal appeals court upholds non-disclosure rules allowing the FBI to secretly issue surveillance orders for customer data.

Jun 29, 2017

US senators seek military ban on Kaspersky products

The politicians want to ban the Moscow-based firm's products from military use because of fears it is vulnerable to "Russian government influence".

May 8, 2017

Global cyber wire fraud spikes

Attempts at cyber wire fraud globally surged in the last seven months of 2016, the FBI said in a warning to businesses.

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