University of Pretoria

Building SA’s 4IR readiness capability at high velocity

Organisations that have mastered coping with paradoxical and competing demands will survive the fourth industrial revolution era. Here’s how they will do it.


Paradigm shift ensures successful platform business

Uber and Airbnb set the standard for platform businesses, but what if a traditional company wants to transform into a platform?


R150K investment in librarian robot Libby pays off

The University of Pretoria’s Department of Library Services has no regrets in purchasing Africa’s first librarian robot.


How SA can tap into cloud to meet development ambitions

Cloud computing has the potential to accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in SA, says the University of Pretoria.


ICT industry leaders to gather at SAICSIT Conference 2019

The SA Institute for Computer Scientists and Information Technologists conference will focus on the latest trends in computer science, big data and social media.


How to build a competent data science team

Understanding data science competencies is crucial for training a competitive workforce for the rapidly growing global data market, says the University of Pretoria.


University of Pretoria rewards students, staff for inventions

The university has 11 inventors who were granted a patent for more than one invention, and 50 inventors who were granted a patent for a single invention.


University of Pretoria principal wants varsities to drive 4IR

Professor Tawana Kupe believes universities must lead the charge in Africa’s fourth industrial revolution initiatives.

Jul 12, 2019

Cloud enables fresh approach to age-old problems

TymeBank and Old Mutual reflect on their journey to the cloud at the Amazon Web Services Summit in Cape Town.

Jul 11, 2019

Meet Libby, Africa’s first robotic librarian, at ITWeb's AI Summit

The University of Pretoria Library wil share the lessons about implementing a service robot.

Jun 5, 2019

University of Pretoria employs Watson-powered robotic librarian

The varsity deploys the first client service robot known to be in use in any university library in Africa.


University of Pretoria students show off robotics skills

The University of Pretoria’s Robot Race Day saw more than 70 autonomous robotic vehicles take to the track.

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