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UP alumni, postgraduate students launch digital school

University of Pretoria’s postgraduate students and Wits researchers develop Wingu Academy to support schools, tutoring centres and home-schoolers.


University of Pretoria, CSIR to accelerate smart cities initiatives

The partnership agreement will see the CSIR and University of Pretoria work on the development of SA’s smart transport and smart cities projects.

May 29, 2020

Lockdown diary: Adrian van Eeden, Gordon Institute of Business Science

The Gordon Institute of Business Science’s students had to overcome many e-learning challenges during the lockdown, says CIO Adrian van Eeden.


Student body, lecturers oppose e-learning approach, demand halt

University representatives put mounting pressure on government to delay e-learning, claiming the digital divide robs many students of a fair and equal learning opportunity.


University of Pretoria prof urges govt to improve Internet density

Professor Tawana Kupe says decision-makers need to be proactive, future-oriented and put in place a communications policy and the necessary regulatory frameworks.


Aspen donates tablet devices worth R2.4m to UP students

The pharmaceutical company donates 600 tablet devices to support students from the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Pretoria.


COVID-19 cyber crime is on the rise

End-users and organisations need to protect themselves against an unprecedented wave of cyber attacks and cyber fraud related to a single theme – the COVID-19 pandemic.


Society 5.0: Humans in the digital world

Welcome to Society 5.0, where cyberspace and physical space collide, and information overload, fake news and social media addiction are commonplace digital problems.


Building a vibrant data economy in Africa

There is an urgent need to prioritise a compelling and cohesive mission and strategy to build an African data economy.


Tshwane, universities unite to boost service delivery

The capital city and its three universities explore innovative mechanisms to improve service delivery to residents.

Nov 26, 2019

Creating novel 4IR solutions for Africa

The design of 4IR solutions that address Africa’s problems cannot be solved by the application of canned approaches.

Nov 19, 2019

Preparing for the future workplace

Research shows that even though tech-related skills are essential, soft skills will still be required in the fourth industrial revolution.

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