Jun 28, 2018

Mobility, AI to revolutionise the retail industry

Local retailers need to adopt a mobile-only approach in their retail tech initiatives, the RCS Retail Summit 2018 heard yesterday.


SIMs in SSA to exceed 1bn by 2023

Mobile subscribers in the Sub-Saharan region account for one tenth of global subscribers, says Dataxis research.

Jan 15, 2018

Mobile P2P users to reach 2.5bn in 2018

Juniper believes 2018 will be the year for social payments with key rollouts from Apple, Google and Facebook.

Jan 3, 2018

Regulator ditches plan to break up Safaricom

Kenya's telecoms regulator has ditched a proposal to break Safaricom up into separate telecoms and financial services businesses.

Oct 12, 2017

E-health in focus at AfricaCom 2017

A new digital health conference stream has been added to the AfricaCom agenda.


In the era of immediacy, time is a premium commodity

Selling the gift of time alongside your premium product or service is a priceless value-add, says Ebrahim Dinat, COO at Ocular Technologies.

Jun 5, 2017

Mobile Internet use on the rise: survey

Zenith media consumption forecast 2017 report shows the spread of mobile technology has given a boost to overall media consumption.

May 23, 2017

Capitec named best digital bank: survey

Capitec scored 81 out of 100 points in the digital banking category.

Dec 2, 2016

Encourage/monitor employee health through BI, wearables

Digital technologies empower organisation leaders to implement human resources models that bring out the best in their employees.


SMAC can increase business competitiveness

The upsurge in social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies demand that companies put in place simpler software platforms to support their growth, says Keith Fenner, VP of Sage X3 International.

Sep 26, 2016

Meet evolving enterprise security needs

This infographic from Samsung provides an at-a-glance view of how KNOX increases mobile security in response to evolving threats.

Aug 31, 2016

Is 2016 half empty or half full?

Many databases are half empty due to the continued rash of intrusions while the crooks are half full with our personal information, says F5 Networks.

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