ITWeb Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit 2019

The old way of managing data doesn't work

Adopting a modern data stack enables companies to be more efficient, says WeDoTech.


Migrating to modern data centre architecture

There is no panacea that handles all BI architecture requirements, but there are ways of pulling the different systems together, says Keyrus.


How to implement a data science strategy

Bringing technology, processes and people together is easier said than done, says a data science expert.


Big data is meaningless without data scientists

Eighty percent of a data scientist's time is spent on finding, cleaning and organising data, and only 20% on actual analysis.


How to build a high-performance BI and analytics team

Don't look for the ideal analyst or technical person, as they don't exist, says BI expert.


The art of telling stories from data

Data workers must learn to be story tellers, says Weynand Deysel, head of BI at FNB.


ITWeb BI summit announces four tracks

The ITWeb Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit 2019 will be held from 12 to 14 March at The Forum, in Bryanston.


Empowering employees to become data literate

Self-service BI is not an on or off solution. It requires a framework and safety net for people to grow in, says SA Qlik.


Using data visualisation to meet business objectives

Data visualisation clarifies factors that influence behaviour, and helps businesses understand their products and identify any shortcomings, says Pernod Ricard.


FNB's head of analytics: Data-driven decision-making leads to more profitability

Data analytics has moved from being reactive to being proactive, says FNB's Yudhvir Seetharam.

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