Cisco outlines its IOT strategy

The networking giant's Internet of things offerings see it target major industries and rely on its partner ecosystem.


The dawn of the 'terrorbit era'

Internet of things devices are attacked within five minutes of being plugged into the Web, says Netscout.


White paper: Managing the enterprise IOT landscape

Millions of things connect every day to the Internet of things. By 2020, they'll generate 600ZB of data annually.

14 May

Vodacom bolsters IOT strategy with acquisition

The operator reaches an agreement to acquire a majority stake in IoT.nxt, an end-to-end Internet of things solutions provider.


White paper: Beyond predictive maintenance: The 'art of the possible' with IOT

Get guidance and practical insights on how to get your business started on a successful digital transformation journey

Apr 25, 2019

Mozilla WebThings takes IOT open source

Interoperability has long been a major stumbling block for widespread adoption of IOT. Now Mozilla has announced a breakthrough.

Apr 15, 2019

Microsoft to host 'AI Virtual Conference'

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly becoming a necessary technology for businesses to embrace as part of their digital transformation strategy, says Microsoft

Mar 25, 2019

eBook: An IOT guide for business leaders

Microsoft eBook helps businesses achieve more success by using their hidden data to improve operations, efficiency, and decision making.

Mar 19, 2019

SqwidNet University Challenge seeks IOT ideas

The competition aims to challenge university students to develop innovative projects aimed at solving real-world problems, using IOT technology.

Mar 15, 2019

IOT is at work in 34% of global companies

Over a third of global firms use the Internet of things and 70% of these adopters have moved beyond the pilot stage, according to Vodafone IOT Barometer 2019.

Mar 14, 2019

Seven steps businesses can take to maximise data value

Not optimising the management of the data could result in bad decisions based on old data, says Dimension Data.

Mar 5, 2019

ZTE introduces integrated IOT solutions

ZTE Corporation also announced the 5G Indoor CPE, which supports the latest WiFi 6 access technology.

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