Software defined networking

If you can't SDN, you're out

Service providers unable to support their customers on the level of scalability and flexibility of a?software-defined network are?not ready for the new age of technology, says Ralph Berndt, director, Sales at Syrex.


Time to get flexible

Customer demands for greater flexibility and visibility are driving the growth of software defined networks, to the detriment of the big network operators.


What is SDN? Why is it so important?

Software-defined networking is a phrase that has been popping up with increasing regularity, says Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of Phoenix Distribution.


New SDN Platform raises the bar

One of the keys to the perpetuation of the BYOD revolution is software defined networking, says Martin May, regional director, Extreme Networks.


Dimension Data unveils SDN development model

Software-defined networking will drive significant changes in how networks are built and operated, and ultimately, the entire networking industry, says Rob Lopez, group executive - Networking at Dimension Data.


SDN: Enterasys' approach examined

SDN gives network administrators programmable central control of network traffic without requiring physical access to the network's hardware devices, says Martin May, regional director at Enterasys Networks.


The SDN misunderstanding

Software-defined networking is not a networking paradigm shift, and it's not the holy grail of networking.


SDN: the long-term view

Companies re-examining traditional network architectures turn to software-defined networking for answers.


Sidetracked by SDN

Software-defined networking is making headlines, but is it all it's cracked up to be?


SDN's role in the cloud

Software-defined networking offers a problem-free interface between cloud computing and the network.


The role of software-defined networking

SDN technology includes the separation of network elements, allowing administrators to provision network connections on the fly, says Martin May, regional director of Enterasys Networks.


The downside of SDN

Is software-defined networking positioned for large-scale conflict with legacy networking technology?

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