ITWeb Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit 2019

Common mistakes made by BI teams

Deloitte's Ashleigh Theophanides delves into the practical approaches BI teams can take to avoid making common mistakes.


The evolving role of tech in data science

Absa's David Logan discusses the evolution of the data science field andits dependence on innovative technology.


Top five worst practices for BI and analytics

Business intelligence and analytics success is not an event, it is a journey, says Melissa Treier, VP of corporate sales at Information Builders.


Seven must-haves for business intelligence success

There are seven key factors that can mean the difference between an analytics project succeeding or failing, says AccTech's Karl Dinkelmann.

Mar 13, 2019

Robots, augmentation to replace BI roles

As automation and augmentation take over certain BI aspects, robots will have a significant impact on jobs in the sector, says 9sight Consulting's Dr Barry Devlin.

Mar 13, 2019

How MTN became a data-driven organisation

Dealing with 10 billion call data records a day led MTN to introduce a unified business intelligence roadmap initiative.


People needed to derive value from data

Unless people are empowered to become data literate, businesses will never get the most out of their second most valuable asset, says SAQlik MD James Hickman.


Every business needs high-performance BI team

Aspen Pharmacare's Alishna Maharaj discusses the importance of leveraging an analytics team to drive business success.


Data literacy skills lacking in most businesses

Corporates often do not invest in adoption and change management of their business intelligence projects, says Expeditus.

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