19 Feb

Everything you need to know about cloud security

The need for a holistic view on cloud security will be tackled at #ITWebCloud2021 next week.


Everything you need to know about cloud security

The need for a holistic view on cloud security will be tackled at #ITWebCloud2021 next week.


It’s time to assertively advance the digital transformation cause

We can expect steady growth in the application of new technologies as companies move to underpin the “work from anywhere” digital business transformation.


Silver Peak SD-WAN capabilities facilitate your SASE journey

The shift to a dramatically increased working-from-home situation has been a major driver for SASE, which requires advanced SD-WAN capabilities.

Oct 1, 2020

VMware introduces Future Ready Workforce solutions

The new solutions aim to improve workforce experiences and enable end-to-end zero trust security controls.


The advantages of absolute agility

As change in the emerging “new normal” world is unpredictable, organisations are on a quest for more agile networks, rejecting the outdated tech associated with legacy networks.


SASE solution delivers Secure SD-WAN to remote employees

Versa Secure Access is the industry’s first solution to deliver the leading Secure SD-WAN services and private connectivity for employees who are working from home or remotely.


People will always be the weakest link

The number of people that can tell the difference between a legitimate e-mail and a malicious one is frighteningly low, says Fortinet's Doros Hadjizenonos.

Sep 3, 2020

Fortinet brings best of Accelerate to pan-Africa during first Africa Virtual Security Day

During the first Fortinet Africa Virtual Security Day, international experts will give customers and partners an overview of the key trends and challenges facing Africa’s CIOs, CEOs and CISOs right now


Post-pandemic confusion in the digital security space

Traditional networks and their legacy security systems are under pressure when it comes to keeping pace with the changing traffic patterns caused by remote working.


Cometh the hour, cometh the technology

Secure Access Service Edge’s hour has arrived and its policies are destined to redefine the enterprise network and remodel the security landscape.

Jun 22, 2020

McAfee introduces cloud security platform to simplify SASE

The company announced innovations to its cloud-native MVISION platform with the availability of Unified Cloud Edge.

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