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Hacker hacks: Unknown callers and self-googling

Don't answer the phone unless you know the number, and google yourself to know what others know about you, says Bytes Document Solutions.


ElegantFoil deploys Xerox Versant 3100

The machine takes paper weights from 52gsm to 350gsm at a maximum sheet size of 330mm x 660mm, which means increased productivity for the business. [Local rep: Bytes Document Solutions]

5 Nov

SE Litho still makes historic new impressions

Established in 1903, SE Litho has advanced its capacity and productivity levels with its acquisition of the Xerox Versant.


Versant 3100 powers up Lesedi 7 Group

The company has bought a Xerox Versant 3100 colour digital press from Xerox business partners XBC-IT and Altron Bytes Document Solutions.


Top five big, innovative ideas from Xerox

Today, applications of active functional inks can change colour or structure depending on local environmental factors such as temperature, says Steve Hoover, CTO at Xerox.


ElegantFoil boosts output with Xerox Versant 3100

ElegantFoil bought the colour digital press from Xerox Business Partner, DigiPress, and Altron Bytes Document Solutions.


Three hacks to thwart a hacker

No one says your challenge questions have to really apply to you, says Alissa Johnson, chief information security officer at Xerox.


Inspiring innovation within your business

A creative workforce is a necessity in today's complex work environment, says Bytes Document Solutions.


BLI reviews Xerox Versant family of presses

Buyers Laboratory found the presses to have near-perfect front-to-back registration and remarkable colour consistency.


Brits Printers transforms 70 years of printing excellence

The company turned to Compleo to deploy the Versant 80 Colour Press at its operations.

Oct 8, 2018

Quocirca recognises Xerox

The company earns a leadership position in the ninth consecutive Quocirca managed print services market landscape report.


Xerox translator: let me count the ways

The Xerox Easy Translator Service is a cloud service that can translate to more than 35 languages. [Local rep: Bytes Document Solutions]

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