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Digital customer experience in banking: 2020 outlook

For the first time, trust has been usurped by customer experience as the chief factor considered by customers when choosing their bank.


Blue Turtle helps customers optimise their cloud landscape

The company presented OPTIMISE, the third pillar of its Journey to the Cloud programme.


Second pillar in Cloud Journey: MIGRATE moves Blue Turtle customers securely to the cloud

The MIGRATE pillar helps accelerate and enable workload and data migration seamlessly and securely, and it tailored to a customer’s specific objectives, says Avash Maharaj, Head of Infrastructure, Cloud and Security at Blue Turtle.

Dec 17, 2019

Blue Turtle’s cloud journey delivers rapid time to value and accurate ROI results for public cloud

Packaging its technical capabilities and industry knowledge, local solutions provider is helping customers scale into the public cloud with ease and cost effectively


Blue Turtle partners with Redis Labs, bringing the fastest NoSQL database to South African businesses

Blue Turtle can now provide its database customers with a complementary product, Redis Enterprise, that provides database caching and message brokering at scale and speed.


Blue Turtle adds Microsoft Gold Data Platform partner to its war chest

Blue Turtle Technologies has officially been appointed as a Gold partner for Microsoft Data Platform.


Blue Turtle Technologies appointed local partner for Octopus Deploy

This enables Blue Turtle to provide a deployment automation solution to customers looking to deploy and scale Web applications locally and to the cloud, says Marius Nauhaus, Product Manager for DevOps and Messaging at Blue Turtle Technologies.


Plan now to optimise cloud spend

Swopping a Capex and Capacity model for a Cost Control and Resource Optimisation approach is key to managing cloud spend effectively, says Nico Erasmus, senior SAM consultant, Blue Turtle Technologies.


Blue Turtle appointed a Microsoft Cloud Platform Gold Partner

As part of its alignment with Microsoft best practice, Blue Turtle Technologies assists clients with assessment, migration, optimisation, operation and security for Azure Cloud initiatives.

Jun 12, 2019

Networking start-up BNI ready to enable data centre modernisation

A stable network underlies all efforts to modernise the data centre and leverage a multi-cloud, says BNI.

May 7, 2019

Cloud workloads simplified with Control-M19

Blue Turtle launches advanced automation capabilities for cloud workloads, application modernisation and DevOps.


Blue Turtle optimises move to Microsoft Data Centres

The company will deliver Azure Migration Services that encompass discovery, assessment, migration, optimisation, operation and security.

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