Rethinking connectivity

Internet access has traditionally been the domain of the better off, but there are ways around the challenge of affording access to all.


Telkom to fight LLU all the way

Telkom has once again come out fighting in the wake of further LLU announcements.


Fixed has no future

Fixed-line broadband is lagging mobile badly in Africa. Where to next for operators?


Go with the flow

Do you have visibility of your telecommunications flow?


More competition. Maybe.

Business and telecoms players look to local loop unbundling to level the playing field.


Broadband's endless loop

Fast-approaching telecoms competition and deregulation won't be the instant cheap broadband party everyone expects.


SA's murky telecoms vision

Predicting what SA's telecoms landscape will look like in the not too distant future can be likened to reading tea leaves - it's anybody's guess.


SA is a unique market

According to Gartner's William Hahn, SA is not going to follow any predictable models in its telecoms market development.


The exclusivity blame game

Telkom`s exclusivity is over. Its monopoly isn`t. It`s time to thank the honourable Dr Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri, give her the golden watch and gently prise the keys of office out of her hands.


Automated control is essential in telecoms industry

Changes in telecommunications demonstrate a need to increase cost-efficiencies and automate business processes, says Mark Ehmke, MD of Staffware SA.


SADC telecoms readies for brighter future

Telecommunications in Africa is seeing a great deal of liberalisation, and many companies are involved in projects to roll-out infrastructure. However, there is less action in the Southern African Development Community.


Dial 'M` for monopoly

In an ideal world, local telephone calls are free, voice-over-IP makes international calls inexpensive and telephone network operators scramble to deliver the best service. Will this happen in SA in 2002? Don`t hold your breath.

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