IT service management

Steady, steady wins the transformation race

The adage of reuse, reduce, recycle should also apply to corporate IT operations, as an astounding level of wasteful expenditure is the norm.


Why IT service management?

Adopting cutting-edge tech, reducing costs and ensuring good governance are some of the many good reasons to adopt an ITSM strategy, but it is fundamentally designed to help align IT systems to what the business, not the IT department needs, says Gerhard Conradie, MD of Evolv Networks.


Handcuff or helper?

IT Service Management isn't an approach to change your thinking.


Gone baby, gone

If you don't get ITSM right, you might go bankrupt, experts say.


Like kids in a candy store

The evolution of IT has seen CIOs elevated beyond the nuts and bolts to take up a bird's eye view position that demands a new mindset and skills.


Fear and loathing in the cloud

Want to scare and confuse a business executive? Mention POPI.


Five mindset priorities

IT service management is as much about managing relationships and expectations as it is about what the end-user experiences.


IT service management industry experiences boom

Over the last few years, much has been reported on the drastic rise in managed services.


Look before you leap

Why IT service management provides the cornerstone of support for new approaches to outsourcing.


Changing focus

As more of IT becomes a service, companies need to be careful about how they spend their time and energy.


A question of (high) standards

IT service management is no longer a negotiable. If you play in the outsourcing game, you're expected to have a firm grip on it.

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