digital disruption

Emergent disruption

It's time to embrace the inevitability of digital disruption and use it to spearhead innovation and redefine revenue.


Digital disruption is changing our lives

Companies must evolve to provide information and access across a wide range of channels, says Dave Vernon, senior Solutions Consultant (Workforce Optimisation) at Aspect Software.


CIOs recommend ditching project management

CIOs are moving away from conventional project management to product management to meet the growing need for speed in today's digital world.


Digital disruption creates key role for PMs

Project managers drive the change and innovation that disruptive technology adoption demands, says a PMI survey.


Digital transformation pushing businesses to modernisation processes

The modernisation of processes is a key requirement in many industries, says an Infosys survey.

Feb 1, 2018

Modernise your network to digitise your business

Legacy network architectures built for the client-server era were not designed to meet the needs of today's mobile/IOT/cloud-enabled organisations, says Aruba Networks.


Digital transformation: why government must catch up

Enable-U Africa's Koen Matthijssen will speak at the ITWeb Digital Economy Summit 2017 about how government, which is normally a late adopter of technology and change, cannot afford to be left behind.


Data the key business asset in a digitally disruptive world

Dr Alex Rummel, CEO, Digital Pathways and Commercial Director Slipstream Data, delves into the role data plays in digital disruption.

Jul 31, 2017

Cisco appoints David Meads VP for MEA

Meads, who has been promoted to the position, will be responsible for the execution of Cisco's digital disruption strategy in the region.

Apr 18, 2017

Human customer service interactions preferred: Verint

Local organisations that rely too much on digital channels risk missing out on ongoing, meaningful relationships with customers, says a Verint study.


Viewpoint: Digital disruption: Is formal education obsolete?

The impact of digital disruption in education has some industry observers commenting that formal education should no longer be an employment prerequisite, says SYSPRO Academy's Deirdre Fryer.

Nov 10, 2016

Michael Jordaan: Software is eating the world

SA's angel investors Jordaan, Oved and Lingham tell their stories of embracing digital disruption.

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