10 hours ago

Oracle, VMware extend cloud partnership

The new deal leverages Oracle and VMware’s enterprise software and cloud solutions in a bid to support hybrid cloud strategies.

30 Aug

VMware strengthens cloud portfolio

The software company has announced new and expanded cloud offerings at its annual VMworld conference.


New NU Africa partnership provides backup and replication solutions for VMs and physical servers

Altaro VM Backup was designed to simplify backing up and restoring of virtual machines in a cost-effective and reliable manner.

22 Aug

Cyber security has ‘fallen by the wayside'

A fundamental change to how cyber security is managed is needed, says VMware's lead technologist.


Veritas delivers cloud-agnostic, hybrid IT for VMware with Veritas Enterprise Data Services Platform

The platform gives customers unparalleled application and data availability, protection and insights, allowing them to manage data growth, drive operational efficiency and stay compliant.

Jul 31, 2019

Google extends cloud tie-up with VMware

The companies unveil a service that allows organisations to run their VMware workloads on Google’s cloud platform.


Paying the ransom is a terrible idea

Not only does it encourage ransomware attacks, but there is no guarantee that cyber criminals will hand over the decryption key once the ransom is paid.


Outdated security software puts SA firms at risk

The majority of local organisations are still using dated software to deal with cyber security incidents, a new survey finds.

Jun 27, 2019

Dell, Microsoft expand local cloud partnership

Local Microsoft Azure customers will now be able to use VMware’s virtualisation software to manage their IT operations in Azure.

Jun 24, 2019

Bringing true agility to the data centre

The answer is VMware’s software-defined architectures that integrate compute, network and storage virtualisation technologies, says Jarred Somiah, VMware product manager at Axiz.

Jun 11, 2019

The state of SA’s IT security, according to ITWeb/VMware CISO survey

How are South African corporates dealing with the increasing challenges of cyber security? ITWeb’s annual survey, sponsored by VMware, provides some answers.


Play nicely, Shuttleworth tells feuding foundations

Mark Shuttleworth used this week's Open Infrastructure Summit to scold open source foundations for straying from the founding principles of open source.

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