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What to expect from next-gen DCIM

DCIM should be considered by any company wanting to ensure reliable and efficient edge computing capabilities, says Jonathan Duncan, Secure Power VP for Anglophone Africa at Schneider Electric.


Next-gen DCIM vital for resilient edge infrastructure

Next-generation DCIM typically installs as a simple gateway app on an existing server, avoiding the often-lengthy security and validation reviews, says Jonathan Duncan, Secure Power VP for Anglophone Africa at Schneider Electric.


Energy sector requires strong digital foundation

Being connected to intelligent devices on the electrical network is vital to monitor energy consumption and reduce energy waste, says Jonathan Duncan, Anglophone Africa VP for the IT Division of Schneider Electric.


Partnerships the answer to holistic service delivery

In a digitally transforming world, partnerships are crucial to deliver the kind of full value services customers expect.


How IOT is redefining the landscape

IOT technology is in use across sectors as diverse as industry, farming, healthcare and wildlife management, says Schneider Electric.


Schneider Electric pushes computing to the edge

Schneider Electric’s Dave Johnson discusses the opportunities presented by the edge evolution.


Edge computing critical to success of autonomous vehicles

Schneider Electric execs explained the role of edge computing as it relates to self-driving vehicles, at the “Life at the Edge” media conference in Singapore.


African leaders must take computing to the edge

In the edge computing era, Africa’s political leaders have the power to redefine the future of business on the continent, said industry experts at Schneider Electric’s conference.


Data centres can be efficient and green

Efficiency is a top priority in data centre design due to environmental and cost concerns, says Riaan de Leeuw, VP of Schneider Electric’s IT division, Anglophone Africa region.


Rethinking resiliency at the edge

Schneider Electric's prefabricated Micro Data Center Xpress provides a secure IT environment at localised data centres.


Is it worth retrofitting data centres?

At some point, all data centres need an upgrade. But it makes sense to start with the foundation: the power and cooling that keep the data centre going.


Closing the energy gap

Smart solutions, training and partnerships are key to meeting the energy challenge head-on, says George Senzere, solutions engineering manager at Schneider Electric.

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