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Data brings competitive edge to insurance

The opportunity to derive more sophisticated insights brings with it the potential to monetise data in ways previously unimagined, says Kelly Preston, data analytics manager at SilverBridge Holdings.

Nov 24, 2020

Liberty Kenya mitigates risk of lockdown with SilverBridge

Liberty Kenya partnered with SilverBridge Holdings to digitalise its paper-based onboarding process, improving the customer experience while delivering on the digital enablement of beneficiaries.


Intelligent automation in financial services

IA has the potential to transform the way organisations operate internally and enhance customer engagement, says Patrick Ashton, managing executive at SilverBridge Holdings.


The insurance journey of tomorrow

Modernisation and digitalisation strategies can no longer be ignored if insurers hope to meet changing customer expectations accentuated by the pandemic, says Ben Burger, managing executive at SilverBridge Holdings.


The need to modernise insurance systems

Systems can only enable a good customer experience within the context of an optimal business model, but having a modern platform makes this possible, says Lee Kuyper, COO at SilverBridge.


AI helps unlock data potential of banks

Getting insights from data is the first step to understanding where efficiency can be built into the internal processes of banks, says Patrick Ashton, a managing executive at SilverBridge Holdings.

Oct 14, 2019

SilverBridge to present at Microsoft partner event

The company has been selected as one of 20 partners to attend and present at a Microsoft MEA partners event on 15 and 16 October in Dublin.


Local Azure data centres to drive cloud growth

Azure, the first of Microsoft’s intelligent cloud services to be delivered from the new data centres, will provide local insurers with significant opportunities, says Lee Kuyper, COO of SilverBridge Holdings. 


African insurers benefit from cost-effective cloud solutions

SilverBridge Holdings has introduced a cloud-based solution that can scale according to business requirements, says Claudette Steynberg, product owner at SilverBridge Holdings.


The importance of embracing mobile for insurance

Insurers who use mobile technologies to create a more integrated omni-channel environment will be better positioned to benefit from the growth of mobile, says Silverbridge.


Measuring the business value of the cloud

Patrick Ashton, CEO of Cirrus Managed Services, discusses how an insurer can quantify the value of the cloud for the business.

May 31, 2017

The emergence of conversational UI

Conversational UI is set to transform the business landscape.

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