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Customer experience must drive cloud strategy

Cloud is driving a shift in the flow of customer value, moving away from the traditional one-way direction, says T-Systems' Mpumelelo Nhlapho.

Feb 10, 2017

Build your products, don't worry about infrastructure

Companies should spend money on creating their own products rather than constructing data centres, says Lonely Planet's cloud strategist.


Vendor negotiating skills critical in digital economy

IT must shift from valuing hands-on technical work to valuing and being able to execute on-service management, says Falcorp Technologies.

Feb 10, 2017

Determining the cost of cloud adoption

While businesses are closer to determining the true cost of cloud adoption, there are still some challenges to be overcome, says Frost & Sullivan.


This is just the start for cloud

With the ITWeb Cloud Summit 2017 just days away, ITWeb is ready to welcome Lonely Planet's cloud manager Darragh Kennedy from Melbourne Australia, a veteran speaker and early adopter of all things technology.


Ensuring the right cloud solution fit

Moving your IT to a cloud-based ecosystem and focusing on digital transformation requires a holistic view of all aspects to ensure a solution is the right fit and data is secure.

Jan 25, 2017

Delivering exceptional customer experience with cloud

Cloud allows for a dynamic environment by being flexible, scalable and agile.


Cloud adoption, security and governance unravelled

Sailpoint Technologies' Tim Galligan explains how cloud adoption, security and governance are inter-linked.


Preventing hacking: cloud experts give tips

Gartner predicts that in 2015, 80% of successful hacks will succeed by using known exploits.


Challenges and growth prospects of cloud adoption

Cloud enthusiast Thomas Lee, general manager: cloud services, XON NEC, in partnership with Wingu, tells us more about himself, his experience and his vision for the cloud.


Adapt to cloud or get left behind

With the cloud, you can ensure your business keeps pace with today's digital disrupters and benefit from paying just for what you use when you need it, says Oracle's Itayi WP Mandonga.


Skilling up for the cloud

Motivated by cost efficiencies, aggressive time-to-market timelines and flexible architecture that looks to the future, the adoption of cloud models in the IT environment is becoming the standard.

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