Project management

The morning after

What happens after process deployment? Get ready for change control.


For what it's worth

The value of a process is that it integrates into a company's operations.


How to eat an elephant

The start to end of a process involves breaking it down into sub-processes, and digesting it one bite at a time.


Why projects fail

Despite their incredible value for business, why do IT projects tend to crumble or fall short of their objectives?


Running your business as a project

The best project management approaches start with intent and are rolled out through a proactive approach to methodology and automation, says Aldo van Tonder, chief marketing officer at Dac Systems.


The power couple

What are the leadership roles of the project manager and the business analyst?


Why PMOs fail

The outlook for the project management office may be considered bleak, says Yolandi Nortje, executive of Intuate Group.


Leadership and management

What are they, how do they differ, and what role do they each play in the delivery of successful IT-based projects?


Follow the leader

The foundation for a successful project is firm leadership.


The strength of the project manager

The introduction of a CPO brings the strength of the project manager into the executive boardroom, says Yolandi Nortje, executive of Intuate Group.


IT tail wags the business dog

The danger of being solution-driven versus requirements-driven is that companies end up with more than they have asked for or budgeted for.


Engineering requirements for project success

The disciplines of requirements engineering and requirements assurance are the cornerstones of successful projects.

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