Business intelligence

Data analysis is not just algorithms

Math and stats can tell us all sorts of interesting things about data, by identifying patterns and unlocking buried truths or secrets.


Benefits, challenges of social BI

With social data becoming more available to BI teams, companies are now able to dig into the psychology of the customer.


Answers in no time

Internet search engines with instant query responses may have misled enterprises into believing all analytical queries should deliver split-second answers.


Intelligence that pivots

Building a foundation with business intelligence can transform the organisation's agility and capability, says Mandy Leonard, business development director at EOH Intellient.


Seven things your BI platform is missing

Make your entire company smarter by linking your quantitative data with qualitative insights through annotations and comments, says Gustav Piater, sales and marketing director at AIGS.


BI packs a punch

A number of BI trends have had a tremendous impact on business in 2016.


BI of the future

Business intelligence must address an expanded set of data needs, with a convergence of different technologies.


Better intelligence?

Accepting the role of Business Intelligence is the easy part. Understanding and executing it, not so much.


Barriers to BI

Governance is still the biggest hurdle in the race to effective business intelligence.


Tolerating budget deviations

There are a multitude of factors that can impact a business intelligence project's return on investment.


Time to get savvy

BI struggles to respond rapidly to the business need, even when attempting agile development.


Future-proofing the decision support solution

Change management should be an ongoing initiative, with checks and balances continually monitoring the solution.

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