Business Applications

Business apps face a brave new world

Consumerisation of IT and cloud computing are not just changing the way apps are designed and deployed - they could fundamentally change the role and nature of the IT department.


Is there an app for that?

Mobile apps are the future, and any company that wants to survive needs to recognise that fact.


The app to kill all apps

Local app developer Connecto is hoping to create the one app to rule them all.


A mobile business world beckons

As mobile devices dominate the modern business, so development has shifted to this promising platform.


The 'beauty' of enterprise applications

Infor aims to inject innovation and usability into enterprise software, giving users more control and personalisation, says Jane Thomson, MD of Softworx.


Final rules of CRM

Implementation, training, testing and customer satisfaction are vital rules of CRM.


Internet will extend business applications

The majority of new business applications will be based on or extended by the Internet within the next three years, says Derek Hughes, group strategist of Software Futures.

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