27 Jul

SA consumers still favour low-cost feature phones, says Nokia

Nokia manufacturer HMD Global says feature phones still make up its biggest category, as more South Africans opt for cheaper devices with basic features.

23 Jul

Vodacom rakes in R24.8bn revenue in Q1

The company reports strong results in the first quarter, which also saw the awarding of a telecoms licence in Ethiopia and interest in its VodaPay ecosystem.

22 Jul

Vodacom spearheads 5G in Mpumalanga, lights up six sites

The telco says the deployment of the latest mobile technology in the province will give residents access to affordable mobile broadband as an alternative to fibre connectivity.

22 Jul

Telkom, Tencent unveil JOOX-backed music app

As the telco focuses on digital content propositions to drive revenue growth, it partners with Tencent to launch Telkom Music, powered by JOOX.

19 Jul

Telkom picks up the pieces after unrest in SA

The telco urges customer patience as it rehabilitates vandalised infrastructure in the aftermath of the riots that engulfed KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

13 Jul

SA’s mobile operators count losses after massive looting

As the running battles between law enforcement and looters continue, the telcos resort to closing shops to ensure the safety of employees and customers.


Sub-Saharan Africa’s 5G subscriptions to top 70m by 2026

The uptake of the next-generation mobile tech will outpace predecessors, as service providers rush to switch from 4G to 5G, says Ericsson’s Todd Ashton.

Jul 6, 2021

Spectrum court case shelved amid settlement negotiations

The Independent Communications Authority of SA opens the doors for settlement negotiations rather than continuing with the spectrum court challenge.

Jun 29, 2021

Vodacom invites developers to join VodaPay ecosystem

The telco's financial services unit calls on developers and businesses to join the VodaPay ecosystem by building their own “Mini Programs”.

Jun 24, 2021

DFA CEO Andries Delport eyes telco sites in fibre push

The new CEO wants to use the experience from Vodacom to target mobile businesses, as the open-access fibre provider looks to grow its market share in SA.

Jun 23, 2021

Cell C decommissions physical radio access network in three provinces

The mobile operator outlines progress made to migrate its prepaid MVNO customers to roam solely on its partner network, MTN, via a virtual radio access network. 


National Treasury calls for local cellular device manufacturers

The Office of the Chief Procurement Officer hopes to stimulate the sector through extending its transversal contract.

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