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Motorists with expired licences can e-mail to book renewal slots

Gauteng’s transport department enables new online platforms to allow motorists to make bookings to renew licences at Driving Licence Testing Centres.


Corruption leads to backlogs in online licence booking system

The transport minister confirms initial investigations show corruption is the reason online booking slots have been unavailable at various Gauteng Driving Licence Testing Centres.


RTMC to utilise drones to identify road hazards

The Department of Transport confirms the Road Traffic Management Corporation, the national traffic law enforcement agency, will invest in drone technology.


Traffic officers to be kitted out with bodycams to curb bribery

Ahead of the Easter period, the Department of Transport will today introduce body-worn cameras to be used by traffic officers.


UK govt pumps millions into SA electric vehicle projects

The British High Commission invests over R64 million in funding to support SA’s climate change projects, including two electric vehicle initiatives.


Mbalula looks into assisting Uber, Bolt with financial aid

Transport minister Fikile Mbalula says the ministry is engaging government stakeholders on assisting e-hailing companies with coronavirus financial aid.


SA surge in applications for drone flights during lockdown

The Department of Transport calls on drone pilots to comply with the lockdown directions, as it registers a rise in applications for permission to fly drones.

Oct 7, 2019

SA not ready for autonomous vehicles

As the race to commercially introduce self-driving vehicles heats up, SA will have to wait for more than a decade before autonomous vehicles become a reality on its roads.

Oct 3, 2019

Electric vehicles race around the country

BMW, Nissan and Jaguar Land Rover embark on a seven-day electric vehicle road trip from Johannesburg to Cape Town.


Online slots for driver's licence few and far between

Despite an online driving licence booking service, some Gauteng motorists are growing frustrated with the process to renew their driver's licences.


ETC pays big to get motorists to settle e-toll debt

The Electronic Toll Collection company spends R4.6 million in legal fees trying to summons motorists to pay their e-toll debt.

Sep 4, 2018

More electric semi-trailer trucks head to brewery

The CSIR commissions additional trucks with semi-autonomous tech, including enhanced autopilot, automated braking and lane departure warnings.

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