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Key lessons from my intrapreneurship journey

Becoming an intrapreneur helped me address customer needs, grow our business and motivate my team, says Rohit Tripathi, chief product officer and head of GTM at SAP Digital Interconnect.


CPaaS delivers successful developer, customer experiences

Communications platform as a service drives the connections between the enterprise, people and things.

Sep 2, 2020

How to develop and deliver messaging solutions that enhance customer experience – fast

To be competitive, organisations must deliver effective and efficient messaging solutions across multiple communications channels, says Uffe Jes Hansen, VP MEA at SAP Digital Interconnect.

Jul 16, 2020

Multichannel customer communications made simple with CPaaS

Communications platform as a service can help create a personalised dialogue with your customer at the right time.


COVID-19 driving more call centres into the cloud

Because agents access the call centre solution using a Web browser, all they need is a stable Internet connection and a laptop.


SAP offers free trials

The SAP Digital Interconnect group is offering free 30-day trials for a three-month period for two of its services.

May 12, 2020

Emergency communication with employees in times of crisis

The only way to overcome this uncertainty is to enable open, effective and efficient communication between employers and employees.


Contact centre agent’s guide to working from home

Chatbots can help shift the burden off your contact centre agents and empower your customers to get immediate answers to their questions.


Take the complication out of communication

A CPaaS offering will provide developers with APIs, sample code and software tools, as well as support through the process of implementation, says Manpreet Kaur, head of Social Engagement at SAP Digital Interconnect.

Jan 20, 2020

The challenge of IOT scaling

When scaling an IOT solution, not only will the number of devices increase, but the geographic scope expands – and this brings problems with coverage.


What to look for when selecting a CPaaS partner

The most common factor holding enterprises back from adopting CPaaS is the existence of legacy systems, says SAP Digital Interconnect.

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