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Africa Data Centres pumps billions into SA facilities

The carrier-neutral data centre provider invests R4 billion in its Johannesburg data centre expansion, and outlines plans to build a fourth location in SA.


Africa Data Centres to open two more facilities in Nairobi

The investment of more than $200m will double Kenya’s data centre capacity and promote the country as a key digital hub.


Africa Data Centres unveils its latest world-class data centre at Midrand Campus in Johannesburg, SA

The new data centre is part of the company's response to the demand for data centres as businesses across the continent accelerate their digital transformation journeys.

Jun 30, 2021

Data centres to drive African economic growth

Africa has 15% of the world’s population and only 1% of its data centres, according to Africa Data Centres' CEO.


Pandemic drives new focus on carrier neutral data centres

Africa Data Centres is hosting a webinar on the future of data centres in Africa, on 23 June.

Apr 20, 2021

Building a foundation on a carrier-neutral data environment

A carrier-neutral data centre allows all connectivity providers to service their clients and connect to each other on an equal footing.


Building on international knowledge critical for data centre growth in Africa

The requirements of data centre customers in Africa are driving the need for a combination of local insights and skills combined with international experience, says Africa Data Centres CEO Stephane Duproz.

Apr 13, 2021

Bringing African data back to the continent

In order to bring data back to Africa, you have to create a world-class environment, a trustworthy facility that will attract international customers to African soil, says Africa Data Centres.


Developing Africa as a continent through interconnection

Data centres hugely reduce the carbon footprint of the digital economy by neutralising and concentrating power consumption, says Stephane Duproz, CEO of Africa Data Centres.


Africa Data Centres confirms build of 10MW Lagos data centre

The Nigerian data centre will form Africa Data Centres’ West African hub.

Feb 10, 2021

The changing face of data security

IT departments are expected to secure data in a way that enables it to still be shared on demand. Hosting it with a specialist data centre provider makes this approach simpler.


Adopting the mindset of resilience

Total resilience is the holy grail for professional data centre operators, and it is driven by a strong company culture and a mindset focused equally on collaboration and delivery.

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