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The top technology predictions for the worldwide manufacturing industry in 2020

While manufacturers are incorporating new technologies like AI and IOT, customers also want greater sustainability efforts, quicker response times and improved service levels, says Kevin Dherman, Chief Innovation Officer at SYSPRO Corporate.


This time in English please

The adage of keeping things simple rings true in the manufacturing sector when it comes to ERP solutions, says Softline Enterprise MD Ashley Ellington.


Mittal standardises with Unisys Africa

Mittal Steel has contracted Unisys Africa, through local subsidiary Mittal Steel South Africa, to implement an IT policy framework for the organisation`s global IT operation.


Careful IT planning provides manufacturing ROI

There are a number of practical measures that manufacturers can follow to reduce IT risks and provide a better return on investment, says Ashley Ellington, director, Africa at Softline Enterprise.


From mess to MES

Many companies have a well charted IT roadmap, yet bury their heads in the sand when it comes to putting this strategy into the context of a manufacturing execution system (MES).


Quo vadis, ERP?

With the credibility gap faced by the IT sector, should business take the future of ERP seriously?

Sep 22, 2003

Boosting revenue streams in the aftermarket

The importance of service lifecycle management is put into perspective when it is realised that service delivery revenues can be worth at least five times the cost of the original product.


IT in manufacturing: The need for balance

While the relentless pace of change in IT continues, there are also ongoing significant structural changes in manufacturing businesses.

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