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Dec 7, 2020

The importance of process

An ideal process is one that achieves the objective for which it is designed as efficiently as possible.


Better control over data often means less access

Limiting access to data reduces complexity for honest workers, while reducing the risk of a bad actor accessing and stealing hundreds or thousands of classified records at a time.


Digital transformation in a post-COVID world

Digital transformation is about changing the way you use technologies to do business.

Aug 5, 2020

Staying current in the future

Agility is probably the only way companies will stay in business as the world changes and technology evolves the way businesses operate and customers engage.


When your known known is actually an unknown known

Denis Bensch, CIO of FlowCentric Technologies, appeals to businesses conducting COVID-19 temperature screening to please be conscientious about it.


FlowCentric Technologies teams up with Eldir

The company has developed EGAN, a facial recognition and thermal detection solution, in conjunction with Eldir.


Is your CIO making the most of your data?

FlowCentric Processware is one of the key systems a CIO can use to deliver value to business.


How to pandemic-proof your business

COVID-19 is teaching us that we must be able to conduct business in a virtual manner, as face-to-face and office-bound methods aren’t sustainable, says Denis Bensch, CIO of FlowCentric Technologies.


Covid-19: how to manage the supply chain risks

Investment in a supplier management system can result in savings in the form of reduced reliance on inventory, manual processes and people, says Denis Bensch, CIO of FlowCentric Technologies.


When audit trails go off track

The cumulative effect of these incremental changes could ultimately lead to a situation of process anarchy, says Denis Bensch, CIO of FlowCentric Technologies.

Dec 12, 2019

FlowCentric Technologies partners with Pronto Solutions Alliance Inc.

The partnership allows PSA to leverage FlowCentric Processware to provide clients with sophisticated BPM solutions, adding tighter controls or extending their reach to external partners.


FlowCentric delivers Processware 2019 BPM suite

The product adds a managed code engine that allows developers to select either C# or VB.NET, in addition to the VBScript engine.

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