May 15, 2018

Popular encrypted e-mail standards unsafe

European researchers discover the popular PGP and S/MIME e-mail encryption standards are vulnerable to being hacked.

Sep 14, 2006

Networks Unlimited distributes encryption solutions

Networks Unlimited has been appointed as a distributor for PGP, a provider of data and e-mail encryption.

Sep 9, 2002

Hole found in PGP encryption software

Security company Foundstone has discovered a vulnerability in the corporate version of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) that could let malicious users take over systems running the software.

Aug 13, 2002

Security flaw found in Internet Explorer

Security researchers have found serious flaws in the Microsoft Internet Explorer Web browser and data-scrambling program PGP that could expose credit card and other sensitive information.

Jul 4, 2002

Porn spam on the rise

In today`s technology roundup: Free PGP, porn spam on the increase, Compaq pruned, UnitedLinux rejected.

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