Smart cities
Mar 1, 2018

Smart cities in Africa

Smart cities abound in Africa, with solutions that are specific to the local environment and its very unique challenges.

Jun 5, 2015

Smart cities: execution holds the key

The concept of a smart city is fluid, one which adapts to fit itself to the different needs of the citizens,?says Chandrashekar Kakal, CEO of L&T Infotech.

Nov 7, 2012

Smart cities

Data analytics transform urban living.

Jan 27, 2012

Hail the urban OS

The smart city approach to energy and innovation could give rise to the 'third industrial revolution'.

Jan 24, 2012

The city gets personal

In future, citizens will not only rely on urban infrastructure, they'll be part of it.

Jan 13, 2012

Rise of the eco-metropolis

Cities around the world prepare for massive population and resource challenges by recreating urban life as we know it.

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