Twelve SA non-profits to receive $2m from Google

The tech company's charity arm,, will give around R28.4 million to 12 local non-profits that are using tech to impact their communities.


SA start-ups graduate from Google's Launchpad Accelerator

After returning from a three-month programme in Nigeria, local start-ups Preeva and Pineapple begin to further develop their business models.


Google looks out for your digital wellbeing

The new Google Digital Wellbeing tools allow users to track their smartphone habits and apply time limits to certain apps.


Nigerian firm takes blame for Google glitch

Nigeria's Main One Cable takes responsibility for a glitch that temporarily caused some Google global traffic to be misrouted through China.

9 Nov

Google changes sexual harassment policies

The Internet giant will change the way it handles sexual harassment claims, after 20 000 of its workers held protests around the world.


China's president calls for global co-operation to create 'fairer' Internet

China and Xi Jinping have pushed for a bigger role in global Internet governance and called on nations to respect Beijing's 'cyber sovereignty'.


Father of Web says tech giants may have to be split up

Silicon Valley tech giants are so dominant they may need to be broken up, unless changes in taste reduce their clout, says Tim Berners-Lee.

30 Oct

Google to grant $25m to AI for 'good' projects

Google will allocate $25 million globally to humanitarian and environmental projects seeking to use AI to speed up and grow their efforts.

25 Oct

Apple boss decries 'weaponisation' of customer data

Client data is being "weaponised with military efficiency" by companies to increase profit, says Apple CEO Tim Cook.

23 Oct

Local SMEs readily take to Google Cloud

Smaller businesses in SA are integrating cloud computing into their strategies faster than their larger counterparts, says Google Cloud.

Oct 12, 2018

Google intros dual-regional data storage

The cloud service provider unit of the Google business starts testing a tool that will let users replicate their data and store it in dual-regions.

Oct 11, 2018

Google wants to be taken seriously as enterprise player

The Google Cloud Next 2018 conference is taking place in London, and the company aims to show customers how its cloud services differ from major rivals.

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