Google Images adds captions

The search engine giant's visual search tab will now serve up more contextual information with images.

Bitcoin hit by Google ad policy

Google's ban on crypto-currency ads sends Bitcoin down more than 10% to its lowest in a month.

Google, Apple face EU law on business practices


Proposed regulation will require online platforms to be more transparent about how they rank search results.

Google's new ads policy bans Bitcoin promotions

The search engine giant updates its policy to exclude adverts that promote unregulated or speculative financial products like crypto-currency.

YouTube adds dose of reality to conspiracy videos


The video platform will display text from Wikipedia and other sites alongside some videos as it attempts to combat hoaxes and conspiracy theories.

New Google feature streamlines job-hunting

A new Google feature allows local job-seekers to search for specific jobs, and customise and refine their search to meet specific requirements.

Google wants people to hang out at work

Google aims to help people move faster at work by updating its Hangouts Internet chat tool to make it suitable for workplaces.

Google brings AI into homes with smart camera

Google Clips is a pocket-sized digital camera that decides on its own whether an image is interesting enough to shoot.

Google Shopping clicks the right buttons

23 Feb

Google taps into the local e-commerce landscape, now accounting for 40% of the traffic of the top 100 shopping Web sites in SA.

How to get back what Google took away

19 Feb

The search engine giant incited outrage when it removed its View Image button; however, a new extension can re-implement the function.

Google flexes its mobile ad muscles

16 Feb

Google makes ads show up in more smartphone apps than any other tech firm and is the core of a resurgent business for parent Alphabet.