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Jul 14, 2020

Public cloud services under cyber security threat in SA

Accidental exposure continues to plague local organisations, with misconfigurations exploited in 39% of reported attacks in the country, says Sophos.

Jul 9, 2020

Oracle teases SA data centre launch with public cloud service

Oracle’s Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer service enables organisations to access more than 50 cloud services in an on-premises environment.

Jun 17, 2020

What’s driving the SaaS market’s exponential growth?

Cloud-based deployment is now the software deployment method of choice as more companies become cognisant of the tangible benefits of software without servers.

May 25, 2020

SURVEY: Top challenges with ‘cloud-first’ strategy remain security and cost

South African businesses hope to enable innovation by migrating to public cloud, a recent survey revealed.

Apr 14, 2020

Survey to reveal state of public cloud adoption in SA

ITWeb, in partnership with Nutanix, is conducting a cloud adoption survey.

Mar 25, 2020

Back to the future: The 2020 cyber-threat reality

Examining the reality of today’s cyber security landscape, and the concerning trends that came out of 2019 and how they can be best addressed.

Dec 6, 2019

2019 ICT in perspective: Disappointments and successes

Local ICT analysts look back to see if their predictions for the year came true and delve into what 2020 has in store.

Nov 21, 2019

SA companies reverse out of public cloud

Local companies are moving applications out of public clouds back to on-premises, a survey finds.

Oct 29, 2019

Microsoft SA, SITA lock down Azure MOU

The new agreement supports government departments, through SITA, to move their services to Microsoft’s Azure.

Jun 14, 2019

Demystifying the (ERP) cloud

Enterprise resource planning in the digital landscape (within the focus of the cloud) should be viewed as a more intelligent way of managing a business.


Dark data exceeds 50%, creating major security blind spot for most companies

Global businesses continue to house ‘dark data’ within their organisations, creating a honeypot for cyber criminals, finds research from Veritas Technologies.

Feb 12, 2019

Why businesses can really count on cloud

Cloud is no longer a mystical concept, but a concrete pipeline to a more flexible, cost-effective work environment, says Elingo.

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