Identity management

Who goes there?

Identity management: the challenge of our time.


Access denied

Digital transformation is leaving no stone unturned as it disrupts every industry, system and business.


Solving ID management puzzle in real time

Establishing identity securely is a key requirement in a range of services, which people have come to expect, says Nick Perkins, divisional director of Bytes System Integration Identity Management.


Identity as a service becomes reality

An integrated management facility ensures security while keeping costs under control, says Ugan Naidoo, management consultant at Fujitsu Services SA.


SSO five minutes ago...

Reduced sign-on has replaced single sign-on (SSO), adding to an alphabet soup of acronyms for CIOs to navigate.


Taking a long-term view

Liberty Life is changing its security architecture, implementing open standards-based technology and, ultimately, decommissioning its mainframe.


Keep it secret and safe

The subject of identity and access management is commonly followed by questions surrounding security and responsibility.


Identity management

1974 - A book by Richard L Nolan, Managing the Data Resource Function, may be the earliest known systematic English-language treatment of the topic of large-scale IT management.


Not about the technology

Identity management encompasses anything from people to processes to passwords. One thing it is definitely not about is the technology.


Managing higher learning diversity

Distributed campuses, staff, students, staff who are students, and contractors. Managing identities at UCT is a mammoth task.


The devil's in the details

Identity and access management is defined by the vendors that supply such solutions. Butler Group lists the components crucial for identity and access management.


Identity management under global spotlight

When it works well, identity management can be a powerful enabler of business processes. When it doesn`t, it can present a serious weak spot.

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