Customer relationship management

The benefits of a CRM programme

A customer relationship management suite is designed to accurately interpret information circulating on the Internet in such a way that it will add value to the business, says Keith Fenner, senior VP of Sales for Africa, Softline Accpac and Sage MMD Africa.


Businesses face discerning customers

Product features and a company`s ability to provide exceptional service trump price, says Simon Cranswick, GM of Customer Interactive Solutions at Dimension Data Western Cape.


Still plenty of value in CRM

The platforms underlying CRM may be changing, but the value it brings isn't.


Break through the wall

Companies must fix their data before trying to implement a CRM system.


The four attributes of data quality

Data must be considered in terms of its validity, completeness, consistency and correctness.


CRM what is it?

CRM the business process by which you manage your relationships with clients and customers.


CRM trends follow international growth surge

A greater awareness of CRM solutions is driving investment in this space, says Keith Fenner, strategic sales director of Softline ACCPAC.


CRM an achievable aim

Customer relationship management is a goal that must be realised within the enterprise, says Vivek Thomas, MD EMEA of Maximizer Software.


Survey reveals importance of CRM

CRM is not so much a technology as a methodology for good business, says Ashley Ellington, MD of Softline Enterprise.


CRM evolves

A company must ensure its CRM solution is Web-based and wireless, says Keith Fenner, strategic sales director of Softline ACCPAC.


Convenience boosts CRM success

Inconvenience is the biggest killer of CRM systems, says Brendan Peo, country manager, HansaWorld SA.


The CRM is always right

Knowing customers is one thing. Understanding them is another. Users tell us whether the technology is a true route to customer understanding.

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