data breach
Jan 10, 2019

SA businesses ill-prepared to deal with cyber crime

Seacom's CEO outlines four key areas that must be secured.


10 cyber security trends to watch in 2019

Biometric hacking, fake videos and AI-driven attacks are among the top cyber security threats predicted to take centre stage next year.


Here's everything you should include in your data breach response plan

Stergios Saltas, MD of Striata South Africa explains what a data breach response plan should include and who should know about it.

Oct 31, 2018

Facebook expects scandal-related costs to let up

The social network forecasts margins will stop shrinking after 2019 as expenses from scandals ease up.

Sep 27, 2018

Uber to pay $148m to settle data breach cover-up

In a costly resolution to one of its biggest embarrassments, Uber will pay $148 million for failing to disclose a massive data breach in 2016.

Aug 27, 2018

Breach exposes T-Mobile customer data

No financial data, such as credit card information or social security numbers, was compromised but over 2.3 million customers were affected, says T-Mobile.

Jul 18, 2018

Millions of Telefonica customers' data exposed

Anyone with a Movistar account could view other users' personal data.

Jul 18, 2018

Video: Windows Defender ATP helps stop breaches

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection is a security platform for intelligent protection, detection, investigation and response.

Jul 12, 2018

SA's average data breach costs escalate

It now costs a whopping R36.5 million to address a data breach in South Africa, says IBM.

Jul 5, 2018

Security breach puts Liberty at risk: Redstor

Having a secure off-site copy of all data as a backup will ensure an organisation can recover from an attack and help prevent data loss, says Redstor.


Data breaches vs ransomware: what's the difference?

New-generation endpoint technology both hardens protection and enables full visibility of endpoint processes, says Panda Security.


Cyber security: no longer just 'an IT problem'

Cyber risk ultimately poses a threat to the balance sheet, but brand damage and a threat to confidence is what should be on every business leader's mind, says Goldphish.

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