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Protect your critical infrastructure and manufacturing plants with Indegy and NU Africa.

IIOT brings major benefits but also risks to the business, says Stefan van de Giessen, GM of cyber security at Networks Unlimited Africa.

Oct 2, 2019

Advantech collaborates with IIJ to launch industrial IOT platform aimed at remote monitoring and data visualisation

Advantech and the Internet Initiative Japan will jointly launch the WISE-PaaS platform in Japan by developing a new service tentatively named “WISE-PaaS JP”.

May 6, 2019

Industry 4.0 to create more smart factories

The fourth industrial revolution will bring enhanced human-machine interaction, driving interconnectivity and data transparency in manufacturing.


Securing the industrial Internet of things

IIOT systems commonly employ propriety operating systems that have not been subjected to any form of security hardening, says Andre Froneman, business unit manager at Axiz.

Apr 25, 2018

Harness the power of data with IBM's cognitive manufacturing

It is critical for manufacturers to unlock the potential of legacy, real-time and unstructured data.

Apr 3, 2018

Siemens partners with local universities on IIOT

The firm hands over industrial automation equipment to local colleges and universities to provide students with skills in networking interface and programming.

Nov 10, 2017

IIOT deployments in early stages

Global industrial organisations are increasingly focused on Internet of things adoption, but most are still in the early deployment stages.


Industrial IOT not yet widely adopted

The early adopters of industrial IOT have identified competitive advantages and new revenue channels, say experts.


How IIOT-ready is your industrial operation?

By using the four I's of IIOT - Informed, Insight, Intelligent and Invisible - industrial organisations will be able to accurately gauge their state of IIOT readiness, says Stratus.


Industrial automation vital to retain competitive edge

The industrial Internet of things is revolutionising and streamlining complex industrial operations within the manufacturing sector, says Richard Sharod, Africa & Middle East regional director at Stratus Technologies.


Unlocking IIOT value in legacy automation environments

There are many key success factors when it comes to achieving next-generation automation capabilities in legacy manufacturing environments, says Richard Sharod, Africa & Middle East Regional Director at Stratus Technologies.


Capture immediate business value with incremental investments in IIOT

The sooner you take the first step, the sooner you will capture the compelling financial and competitive advantages of IIOT, says John Fryer, Strategic Technical Marketing Executive of Stratus Technologies.

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