Facebook changes News Feed, investors click on 'sad'


A warning from CEO Mark Zuckerberg that people could spend less time on Facebook in the short term hits shares.

Facebook to emphasise friends, not news

The social media firm says it will change the filter for the News Feed to prioritise what friends and family share.

iBleat app aims to help companies manage social media fury

The app, which operates similar to Twitter, allows direct communication between clients and companies.

iPhone addiction may be a virtue, not a vice

'Addictive things are very profitable,' says Apple shareholder Ross Gerber.

Oculus, Xiaomi partner to build VR headsets

Social media giant Facebook's Oculus says Xiaomi would be its hardware partner for the new Oculus Go headset.

CEO Zuckerberg sets 2018 goal: 'fix' Facebook

The Facebook co-founder will not be setting a personal goal this year, a tradition he has kept for several years, instead will focus on the company.

Facebook, Universal Music strike multi-year licensing deal

22 Dec

The global agreement enables users to upload videos featuring music from Universal's library across the social media network's platforms.

US lawsuit over Facebook ads that let employers target younger workers

21 Dec

A US lawsuit reveals that some companies imposed age limits on who could see recruitment ads placed on the social network.

Facebook to notify users when photos of them are uploaded

20 Dec

The social network will begin using facial recognition technology to tell users when others upload photos of them.

US says Facebook, Microsoft disabled North Korean cyber threats

20 Dec

The White House says that the tech giants thwarted a number of North Korean cyber threats last week.

Facebook reveals data on copyright and trademark complaints

19 Dec

Almost three million intellectual property infringement posts were taken down during the first half of the year, the social network says.

Facebook defends itself against social media critics

18 Dec

The social media network believes its technology has potential benefits if used correctly.