Consumer body slams US lawmakers over Facebook crypto

An advocacy group says the lawmakers’ threats on Facebook’s new digital currency are harmful to consumer choice, and will backfire.


Banks conspicuously absent in Facebook’s Libra grouping

Analysts share their thoughts on how Facebook’s new crypto-currency will impact the banking sector.


Facebook confirms launch of crypto-currency, Libra

The company announces plans for a new unit, Calibra to provide financial services that let people participate in the Libra network.


WhatsApp threatens bulk messaging abusers

The move is instigated by the emergence of a raft of companies bypassing usage restrictions to advertise products.


SA, Kenya among highest data prices in Africa

South Africans pay around six times more for 1GB of data than mobile users in India, while Kenyans pay 10 times more than Indians, says an Opera report.


AI bias ups need for behaviour experts

Forensic experts in AI behaviour are in demand as companies look to reduce biases in technology solutions, says Gartner.


Google bans marijuana apps on Play Store

The tech giant changes its policy on marijuana-related apps, banning the facilitation, sale or delivery of the recreational drug.


Facebook to unveil crypto-currency next year

The world’s biggest social networking platform plans to set up a digital payments system.

May 20, 2019

New open source body to promote better, healthier cities

Uber, Facebook, Google and IBM are among the early sign-ups to the new Urban Computing Foundation.

May 17, 2019

Facebook removes politically motivated accounts targeting Africa

The social media giant shuts down hundreds of accounts run by Israeli organisations attempting to influence politics in African countries.

May 14, 2019

WhatsApp flaw exposes users to malicious spyware

Hackers can remotely install spyware on phones via the call function, allowing attackers to read messages, see contacts and activate the camera.


What South Africans searched for online on election day

South Africans turned to Google for voting information, while photo-sharing apps like Instagram were used to showcase their marks in the sixth democratic election.

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