Data protection

Taking data protection seriously

Local businesses must pay urgent attention to key lessons learnt from increasingly sophisticated breaches.

Mar 31, 2016

Companies still fail data

Despite comprehensive data protection policies, most local firms are still wide open to data theft and misuse.

Feb 26, 2015

Address data protection concerns today

There needs to be a fluidity and flexibility to business continuity to cater for unsuspecting issues, says Michael Law, CEO of Attix5.

Mar 25, 2014

Data protection through compliance

Employees are one of the biggest dangers to an organisation, says John Mc Loughlin, MD of J2 Software.


Who's watching your data?

Securing data effectively requires a multifaceted approach incorporating tools, knowledge and constant user activity monitoring, says Hedley Hurwitz, MD of Magix Integration.


Continuous Data Protection goes offsite

It's a truism: because valuable information like databases, client files and emails are stored on your network, your data backup system has to work at all times or your business can be at serious risk.

Mar 25, 2003

Protecting information during application testing

Testing applications before deployment can lead to confidential company information being compromised, says Salome Kwant, mainframe product manager at Compuware SA.

Jul 15, 2002

Data protection or customer protection?

A recent report by the Office of the Information Commissioner reveals that small business is ignorant of its obligations under the Data Protection Act.

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