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Good service is good business

Digitisation is playing the most disruptive role in the customer experience.


The cost of customer experience

Ask any company, and they'll probably tell you that customer experience is one of their key focus areas. But ask them who's in charge of the customer experience, and the responses will be mumbled.


Experiences that match expectations

Only humans can understand the full context of the customer journey and decide how to design or re-engineer this journey, says Nick Durrant, MD of Bluegrass Digital.


Predicting CX success

The customer experience is best when it's up close and personal.


Roadmap essential to advance up CX maturity curve

It is ultimately the delivery of superior customer experience that will differentiate a business from its competitors and deliver a strategic advantage, says Prince Mashayahanya, Product Manager Pivotal Data.


Delivering new level of customer experience

Analytics is key for organisations seeking to take customer service to new heights, by delivering an overarching 'experience' to the consumer.


Are you ready to serve?

Companies must gear up to deliver the level of customer experience today's demanding consumers expect, says Dean Mollett, consulting systems engineer at Avaya.


Are you ready to serve?

Avaya is helping companies maximise customer satisfaction by developing a flexible software core than can be customised to almost every customer experience scenario, says Avaya Consulting Solutions Engineer Dean Mollett.


Who owns CX?

All employees must understand what customer experience is, and their role in delivering it, says says?Wynand Smit, CEO of INOVO.


Breaking down organisational silos

A multi-disciplinary approach combining research, analytics and strategy is recommended to identify, understand and optimise customer opportunities, says Gary Stocks, head of knowledge at BSG.?


If a man wants a horse, give him a horse

There are so many ways to know your customer, and smart brands are using this to their advantage.


Customer experience key to growth

Small companies often achieve success because they forge close relationships with their clients, says Mark McCallum, CTO and director and head of Global Services Africa at Orange Business Services.

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