Jun 15, 2016

Fresh and funky

The startup scene in South Africa may be facing a Zumaesque economy, but that hasn't stopped its innovation.

Apr 24, 2015

Smart idea, now what?

Getting your hands on funding is still tricky, but will hopefully become easier as the ecosystem matures.

May 16, 2014

Snappy startup

If a service is free, making money off it requires creativity. Nifty250 is doing just that.

Mar 10, 2014

The importance of failure

There's much media fuss over the launch of new startups and we're usually eager to celebrate any success. Failure is not something we often dwell on. Perhaps it should be.

Feb 6, 2014

The App Haus: bringing apps home

Creating an app is easy. Creating an experience is much harder. The App Haus is a South African startup that has made it its business to focus on users.

Jan 15, 2014

One app to run it all

No matter how big a business is, running it shouldn't be complicated.

Dec 10, 2013

Semi-socialist start-up

42Engines is a tech start-up accelerator programme concentrating on Africa-specific tech ideas.

Jul 3, 2013

It's a numbers game

Using only the most recent business financial statements and a 25-question risk survey, ValuationUp could change the numbers game for today's entrepreneurs.

Jan 11, 2013

A Clevva way of training

A Cape-based startup wants to revolutionise training and customer service.

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