Google creates Android Things for appliances

8 May

Alphabet's Google introduces a spinoff of its Android operating system for home appliances and other machines.

Activists, experts advise against buying ZTE phones

Apr 20, 2018

Consumers are advised to avoid Android handsets from ZTE until it clarifies whether US sanctions prevent it from updating its devices.

ZTE delays earnings amid confusion over US ban

Apr 19, 2018

China's ZTE postpones the release of its quarterly earnings, following an order that bans US companies from selling it parts for seven years.

China's ZTE may lose Android licence

Apr 18, 2018

US regulators propose new rules that could cut into ZTE's sales, while a supply ban means it may not be able to use Android in its devices.

Google introduces lighter way to search

Apr 12, 2018

A new app from Google, for low-RAM devices, provides an enhanced user experience by saving data and storage.

Google to debut mid-range Pixel this year

Apr 3, 2018

The tech conglomerate is reportedly gearing up to release a mid-range smartphone specifically for India, with other emerging markets to follow.

Spotify financials in tune for listing

Mar 1, 2018

In preparing for a direct listing, Spotify discloses its financial data for the first time, showing rising revenue and relatively steady operating costs.

Truecaller Backup provides cloud safety net

The new feature from the spam blocking app lets Android users restore all contacts, call histories and block lists automatically using Google Drive.

Smartphone fingerprint scanning heads to mainstream

Jan 12, 2018

In-display fingerprint sensors are expected to make a breakthrough this year, with vendors likely to embed this technology, says TrendForce.

LG backs AI innovation

DeepThinQ 1.0 was developed with the establishment of the group's Artificial Intelligence Lab, in South Korea, to accelerate research into AI.

Google debuts space-saving app

Dec 6, 2017

Files Go helps users free up space on their smartphones so devices work faster and files are easier to find.

GovChat apps coming soon

Nov 23, 2017

App versions of the government chat tool will be available on Android and iOS early next year.