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A guide to evaluating IOT security solutions

The IOT security blindspot means cyber criminals have an expanded attack surface, says Andre Kannemeyer, CTO at Duxbury Networking.


Ensuring your WiFi network is ready for Android 11 QPR1 security update

The Android 11 QPR1 security update is a minor one, but will have far-reaching consequences on enterprise WiFi networks when implemented during December, says Duxbury Networking.


Realise mega advantages with microservices

When putting together all of the architecture concepts of microservices, containers and orchestration, the benefits are tremendous.


Change the game with containers, microservices

The concepts of containers, microservices and orchestration are the software building blocks of the modern cloud.


Abandon the walled city: The crucial security call for 2021

The cyber security mesh will be a top strategic trend in 2021, and key to a responsive security and risk management approach which is modular and scalable.


Why companies should opt for cloud networking

By leveraging economies of scale, cloud providers dramatically drop the price of compute, memory and disk resources, making these lower prices available to users.

Nov 10, 2020

Navigateworx provides communication link for helicopter geophysical system

Navigateworx’s solution entailed the installation of an NR500 router.


Security challenges presented by POPI and the pandemic

Companies previously accepted potentially insecure devices within their environments as they weighed risk against productivity rewards. But the scales are tilting alarmingly.


Ruggedised networks provide autonomy in precision farming

A protocol that gives autonomous adaptability – enabling the network to react in real-time to changes in network topology, load and environmental conditions – is desirable.


Growing beyond agricultural network complications

Networking obstacles can often keep farms from adopting automation, or relegate them to a low level of automation without the ability to scale their operations.


The road to precision farming

Step-by-step levels of automation serve as a roadmap to the applications, functionality and agricultural benefits of introducing precision farming techniques.


Powering the future of precision farming

The ultimate vision for precision farming is a solution that uses connected technology to simultaneously address all of a farmer’s pain points.

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