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Fully mobile, multi-radio wireless mesh network solves communications issues underground

With the Rajant-Poynting solution, underground mines can enhance network capacity and mobility to run advanced applications that power greater safety, efficiency and autonomy.


The work from anywhere workforce needs SASE

Software-defined wide area network technology provides secure work from anywhere user access to all applications and data, no matter where it is resident.


Highest performance dual-band WiFi 6 access point

NETGEAR’s Insight Managed WAX620 is POE powered, mesh-capable and cloud manageable, while being interoperable with WiFi 5 devices.


Cloud migration and the ‘catch-22’ conundrum

A “catch-22” situation arises when companies hold on to aging, underperforming IT platforms, hoping to postpone the day when a move to cloud computing becomes imperative.


Fake Android and iOS apps disguised as crypto-currency apps

Sophos encountered a server which was hosting hundreds of fake trading, banking, foreign exchange and crypto-currency apps.


Sophos zero trust network access coming soon

ZTNA allows more granular control over who can access certain applications and data, minimising lateral movement and removing implied trust.

May 17, 2021

Versa redefines McLaren's F1 speed strategy

The benefits and value-add of SD-WAN enables McLaren's edge infrastructure to be more agile and give the British Formula One team an edge over the competition.


Tackling cyber security threats with SASE

Secure access service edge brings trustworthy security to the modern enterprise networking landscape, as its capabilities extend far beyond legacy security architectures.

May 13, 2021

Building private networks with Ananda Networks

Ananda Networks is fully cloud-managed and implements an identity-defined perimeter, whereby members are defined based on their identities, rather than their IP addresses or network attributes.


Are today’s networks on the verge of obsolescence?

As remote working becomes the norm, companies could see the death of their existing network and security models due to substantial changes in network traffic patterns.


Information management: It’s time to raise the security bar

The need to competently and agilely manage, analyse and safeguard vast caches of valuable corporate data has become a vital necessity.


Top seven requirements for a next-gen, edge-ready network

One of these requirements is preparing for IOT and WiFi 6 with data centre-class performance at the edge.

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