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Growing beyond agricultural network complications

Networking obstacles can often keep farms from adopting automation, or relegate them to a low level of automation without the ability to scale their operations.


The road to precision farming

Step-by-step levels of automation serve as a roadmap to the applications, functionality and agricultural benefits of introducing precision farming techniques.


Powering the future of precision farming

The ultimate vision for precision farming is a solution that uses connected technology to simultaneously address all of a farmer’s pain points.


The advantages of absolute agility

As change in the emerging “new normal” world is unpredictable, organisations are on a quest for more agile networks, rejecting the outdated tech associated with legacy networks.


Aruba Central provides secure work-from-home environment

By deploying Aruba Central, a wide range of remote networking requirements can be quickly addressed from a single pane of glass.


Duxbury Networking recognised as Sophos SME/Mid-Market Distributor of the Year for 2020

This year’s winners are unsung heroes that have clearly differentiated themselves as trusted security advisors, says Harish Chib, MEA VP, Sophos.


SASE solution delivers Secure SD-WAN to remote employees

Versa Secure Access is the industry’s first solution to deliver the leading Secure SD-WAN services and private connectivity for employees who are working from home or remotely.

Sep 18, 2020

Netgear Insight offers cloud-based management free for a year

The Insight cloud-based application, designed for remote network management, is especially well suited for the current environment. [Local rep: Duxbury Networking]


802.11ax: The benefits keep adding up

In essence, 802.11ax focuses on metrics that will improve the client experience and increase cell throughput.


Post-pandemic confusion in the digital security space

Traditional networks and their legacy security systems are under pressure when it comes to keeping pace with the changing traffic patterns caused by remote working.


802.11ax: Efficient use of RF spectrum to increase network capacity

Whereas 802.11ac made the network faster, 802.11ax is designed for higher channel efficiency in a dense networking environment.


How 802.11ax is addressing WiFi networks’ changing needs

Client and standards ecosystem support for 802.11ax is expected this year, and network architects will design the 2020s decade using this new technology.

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