Year 2000
Jan 31, 2000

Still too early to judge Y2K impact

Adrian Schofield, president of Information Industry SA, believes it is too early to be complacent about Y2K computer glitches, as problems with date calculations will still surface as the year progresses.

Jan 31, 2000

It`s not over for Y2K staff

Y2K professionals may be looking to the future with trepidation as a flood of technical skills has swelled the market. Chris Tredger examines who may be at risk of receiving a post-Y2K pink slip.

Aug 24, 1999

Cabling is integral to Y2K compliance

CCI Technology Holdings CEO Steve Pinkney cautions that underlying cabling infrastructures can make or break a company`s Y2K-compliance.

Mar 4, 1999

Facing up to Y2K costs

The cost of year 2000 compliancy testing is one the main reasons why businesses have been avoiding the issue, says Douglas Reed, MD of DataPro business solutions.

Nov 30, 1998

Baan has the Y2K solution

What are organisations that have yet to embark on a Y2K project and cannot afford lengthy implementations going to do? Gary Lawrence, Baan SA MD, has a suggested solution.

Nov 27, 1998

Will Progress applications survive Y2K?

The more than 500 organisations in South Africa which have developed applications using the Progress database and software products are at risk of their systems not being Y2K compliant, warns Don Elliott, MD of MIP Consulting, a division of MIP Holdings, a Progress software house.

Oct 20, 1998

Is it too late to panic about Y2K?

It`s the mid-range companies that could be in danger, warns Lynn Longstaff, senior project manager, Bateleur Managed Solutions.

Sep 16, 1998

Budgeting for the bug

Although many companies have moved beyond awareness of the millennium bug to contingency planning, few business owners are aware of what the correction process entails and more importantly how to budget for it.

May 27, 1998

Financials - the hub of Year 2000 compliance

While the responsibility for defeating the Year 2000 Bug weighs heavy on IT managers` shoulders, perhaps the man or women facing the hardest task is the one in charge of an application that is so unique it can`t be replaced, argues Bateleur Walker Financial Systems managing director, Martyn Joyce.

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