Arthur Goldstuck
29 Aug

SA manufacturers lag behind in IOT, AI

Local manufacturers are falling behind the curve in adoption of fibre connectivity, hampering their ability to innovate, says SYSPRO.


ICT industry applauds introduction of new CIO designation

The new professional CIO certification will help businesses identify the most suitable person to fit the role of CIO, say ICT experts.


More women C-suite ICT execs, but still room for improvement

While the number of female C-suite executives is on the increase in SA’s ICT sector, biased workplace systems and societal influences still hinder gender equality.


Outdated security software puts SA firms at risk

The majority of local organisations are still using dated software to deal with cyber security incidents, a new survey finds.

Jul 10, 2019

MTN, Sanlam insurtech partnership may face stumbling blocks

The companies will have to overcome hindrances such as the lack of disposable income and insurance culture in Africa, say analysts.

Jul 8, 2019

SA falls behind global counterparts in blockchain, AI

New research finds that only 9% of local enterprises have deployed blockchain platforms, largely due to a lack of a viable business case.


Arthur Goldstuck heads up Sasfin’s digital advisory council

An advisory council for the financial services sector set to start work in July.


ICASA must seize opportunity to be led by strong chairman

In the wake of the exit of its most controversial chairperson, ICASA's next appointee needs to be someone with a strong sense of governance and leadership, say analysts.

Feb 24, 2019

MWC: Huawei debuts its own foldable phone

The Chinese electronics manufacturer joins rival Samsung in showcasing a smartphone with a foldable screen.


ICT industry 'encouraged' by Mboweni's budget

Minister Tito Mboweni used his budget speech to promise government action on some critical ICT areas; a step the industry describes as encouraging.

Feb 21, 2019

Samsung's luxury foldable phone has hefty price tag

The Galaxy Fold opens from a slim smartphone to reveal a small tablet and will go on sale in SA later this year.


Global hyper-scalers to open up SA's cloud market

The local cloud services market is expected to explode when Amazon Web Services and Microsoft open their data centres in South Africa.

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