Skygofree steals messages, eavesdrops on conversations


The spyware contains functionality not seen in the wild before, including location-based audio recording through infected devices, says Kaspersky Lab.

Crypto-currency miners found in pirated software


Although mining software is not considered strictly malicious, it degrades the device's system performance, says Kaspersky Lab.

Increased attacks on industrial organisations forecast in 2018

9 Jan

The year 2017 was one of the most intensive in terms of incidents affecting the information security of industrial organisations, says Kaspersky Lab.

Kaspersky asks court to overturn software ban

Dec 19, 2017

The Moscow-based company appeals US government ban of its software products.

Trump makes US govt ban on Kaspersky software official

Dec 13, 2017

US president Donald Trump signed into law on Tuesday legislation that bans the use of Kaspersky Lab within the US government.

Upsurge in DDOS attacks; attacks on POS systems

Dec 8, 2017

The Christmas sales are making retailer revenues an attractive target for cyber criminals, Kaspersky warns.

Online daters overshare professional info

Dec 5, 2017

Online dating habits are potentially putting large amounts of confidential business data at risk, according to a Kaspersky survey.

Kaspersky patents tech that detects remote control tools

Nov 30, 2017

The new technology works by analysing application activity and searching for anomalous behaviour across a user's computer, says Kaspersky.

Kaspersky CEO would leave Russia if asked to spy

Nov 29, 2017

Eugene Kaspersky says he would quit Russia if its intelligence agencies ever asked his company to spy for them.

New malware used to steal crypto-currencies

Nov 6, 2017

The CryptoShuffler Trojan has mostly succeeded in attacks against Bitcoin wallets.

Hackers turn online dating Casanovas

Nov 3, 2017

Cyber criminals exploit a range of vulnerabilities contained in popular dating apps.

New malware targets ATMs

Oct 27, 2017

The virus, dubbed Cutlet Maker, was being openly sold on the dark net market.