World Economic Forum

Retraining required for 120m workers

Around 120 million workers in the world’s top 12 economies will need to be retrained in tech and soft skills in the next three years, says IBM.


World Economic Forum urges digital entrepreneurship

The global forum encourages entrepreneurs, policy-makers and corporate leaders to use digital resources and ecosystems to enhance their impact.

4 Sep

SAP kicks off Africa Code Week to spur digital skills revolution

German software company SAP promises to introduce 1.5 million African youths to digital skills this year.


Cyber security takes centre stage as SADC leaders meet

The SADC region follows international norms by developing a cyber security strategy to help protect the bloc against digital threats.


WEF Africa turns spotlight on 4IR

The African edition of the World Economic Forum meeting seeks to address key issues facing the region’s development, including the advent of the fourth industrial revolution.


Uber, Microsoft to help WEF restore trust in tech

Some of tech and science’s biggest names will chair six new World Economic Forum councils on the fourth industrial revolution.

Apr 16, 2019

Affiliate Centre will prepare SA for Industry 4.0

The planned centre, in partnership with the World Economic Forum, will ensure SA quickly moves towards the fourth industrial revolution.


Cyber security: how to protect your business

It takes, on average, 200 days for businesses to identify a cyber security breach, says ITOO.


SA can unlock R5tn from digital tech

Digital technologies can generate more than R5 trillion in value for SA in the next decade, according to a new Accenture report.

Jan 25, 2019

Ramaphosa promises digital skills training drive

President Cyril Ramaphosa uses WEF as the stage to outline plans to train young South Africans in digital skills, noting job creation is at the centre of the national agenda.

Jan 24, 2019

Coalition formed at WEF to curb $62.5bn e-waste woes

Global organisations at the World Economic Forum in Davos come together to address electronic waste challenges.


Future skills requirements

Organisations that embrace engaging, empowering and inspiring leadership attract employees who are connected and engaged with the company, says Amy Dempsey, principal consultant at Bizmod Consulting.

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