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SARS seeks IT talent, chief tech innovation officer

The South African Revenue Service begins a recruitment drive to attract highly-skilled and experienced individuals in areas such as information technology.

18 Mar

Crypto-currency account-holders fume as SARS cracks whip

Some local crypto-currency account-holders express anger after the taxman demands the declaration of their crypto-currency investments.


SARS extends filing deadline for provisional taxpayers

The South African Revenue Service extends the filing season deadline for provisional taxpayers to 15 February.


Cyber experts question SARS’s new browser security

By providing a browser that continues to use Adobe Flash Player, SARS has done the opposite of secure, say cyber security experts.


SARS intros customer-centric channels for Adobe Flash issues

The taxman implements remedial actions, including a toll-free number, to assist taxpayers still experiencing issues due to the Adobe Flash Player termination.


SARS claims ‘complex’ nature in Adobe Flash switch-up

The tax collecting agency says it's migrating the remainder of eFiling forms from Adobe’s Flash Player to its chosen HTML5 technology in 2021.


SARS augments IT systems in preparation for over 5m taxpayers

With this year’s tax revenue collection expected to be R304 billion lower than last year, SARS ramps up its tech to enhance its services and make the preparation process easier.

Aug 4, 2020

More authorities await EOH to come clean

The company wants to clear its name with the Special Investigating Unit as well as the South African Revenue Service, says group CEO Stephen van Coller.


ICT tenders: Health departments to the forefront

This week’s National Tender Bulletin is dominated by national and provincial health departments.


SARS prioritises digital services as it navigates COVID-19 crisis

Amid the socio-economic challenges posed by the pandemic, the tax collector steps up efforts to provide more digital and streamlined services.

Apr 8, 2020

SA regulators form intergovernmental fintech hub

Six regulatory bodies create an Intergovernmental Fintech Working Group Innovation Hub, to respond to the changes in the financial sector.

Mar 3, 2020

SARS dumbed-down to point of tears, says Kieswetter

The tax collector seeks strong leadership and talented tech professionals, after the exodus of about 3 000 staff over the past six years, says commissioner Edward Kieswetter.

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