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SARS MobiApp services disrupted for Android users

The mobile app remains inaccessible to Android users due to a delay in the new version on Google Play Store, says SARS.

Aug 4, 2021

No Doge-ing the tax bill on crypto-currency transactions

SARS is tightening tax collection on crypto-currency transactions, which makes it important to distinguish between events that will trigger income tax rates or CGT rates.


SARS pins hopes on key tech as modernisation plans advance

The South African Revenue Service leans on artificial intelligence and machine learning to not only boost functions, but also improve its integrity.


Commissioner unveils ‘completely’ virtual tax season at SARS

The South African Revenue Service today unveiled a completely virtual filing tax season, as branches remain closed for at least the next six weeks. 


South Africa makes bold moves to regulate crypto assets

The Intergovernmental Fintech Working Group releases a paper which takes the position that the country should begin to regulate the crypto-currency markets.


Taxman SARS pursues crypto dealers at SA exchanges

AltCoinTrader, Luno, and VALR confirm that they have received requests for transactional information in relation to a small number of customers.


‘Smart modern’ SARS in the works as it ups ICT spend

The South African Revenue Service plans to increase its ICT budget by 2% this fiscal year, according to commissioner Edward Kieswetter.


SARS seeks IT talent, chief tech innovation officer

The South African Revenue Service begins a recruitment drive to attract highly-skilled and experienced individuals in areas such as information technology.

Mar 18, 2021

Crypto-currency account-holders fume as SARS cracks whip

Some local crypto-currency account-holders express anger after the taxman demands the declaration of their crypto-currency investments.


SARS extends filing deadline for provisional taxpayers

The South African Revenue Service extends the filing season deadline for provisional taxpayers to 15 February.


Cyber experts question SARS’s new browser security

By providing a browser that continues to use Adobe Flash Player, SARS has done the opposite of secure, say cyber security experts.


SARS intros customer-centric channels for Adobe Flash issues

The taxman implements remedial actions, including a toll-free number, to assist taxpayers still experiencing issues due to the Adobe Flash Player termination.

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