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Apr 23, 2020

SophosLabs warns of 'fleeceware' targeting iOS users

Sophos has identified image editors, QR code scanners, fortune telling and face filter apps that overcharge users.

Apr 8, 2020

WCape app gives entrepreneurs, small business a jump-start

The provincial government unveils an app version of its small business and entrepreneurship support and resource tool, JUMP.

Jun 5, 2019

iOS developers hit Apple with App Store fees lawsuit

The developers allege the tech giant used its monopoly to implement “profit-killing” commissions and fees in its App Store.

Jun 19, 2018

Apple App Store commissions under legal spotlight

The US Supreme Court takes up Apple's bid to escape a lawsuit accusing it of causing consumers to pay more than they should for apps.

Jun 5, 2018

Apple issues new App Store rules

The move is aimed at blocking plans by Steam, the biggest distributor of PC-based video games, to extend its reach into iPhones and iPads.

Jan 25, 2018

iPhone update spotlights Apple secrecy on battery health

An iOS operating system update will show the phone's battery health and recommend whether the battery needs to be replaced.

Jan 18, 2018

Apple to pay $38bn in foreign cash taxes

As it outlines its one-time tax payments, Apple says it plans to open a new campus as part of a five-year, $30 billion investment plan in the US.

Nov 3, 2017

Apple CEO breathes new life into old iPhones

Tim Cook stops Apple's Steve Jobs-era policy of ruthlessly killing off old products when better ones came along.

Sep 20, 2017

Apple revamps money-making App Store

The redesign gives app developers more space for images and text to describe their software.

Jun 29, 2017

iPhone turns 10, bumpy start forgotten

Apple's iPhone turns 10 this week, evoking memories of a rocky start for the device that ended up doing the most to start the smartphone revolution.

Jun 27, 2017

Apple CEO pushes for deeper Indian market access

Tim Cook highlights the economic impact Apple has on India, as it seeks deeper access to the county's smartphone market.

Feb 28, 2017

Apple, SAP release business app building tool

The tool allows developers to feed data between SAP's business-oriented software and Apple's consumer-oriented iOS platform.

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